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In Jillian's debut book, Deep Listening, published by Rodale Books, she presents her signature Calm Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart program—a 10-step journey of self-exploration that she’s taught around the world. It centers on the science of Deep Listening, which allows us to pause and truly hear—often for the first time—what both our bodies and our minds are telling us. It kickstarts our relaxation response, calming muscular tension and setting the whole body up for deep healing, growth, and repair. It’s a new frontier in integrative wellness—the new mindfulness. Pre-order your copy of Deep Listening today!

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Jillian is a specialist in the fields of restorative yoga and yoga therapeutics and a knowledgeable, engaging, and compassionate teacher. Her trainings offer a practical path for deepening personal and professional interests in the healing aspects of yoga. In an experiential setting, participants learn, explore, and practice towards greater health and wholeness.

What people are saying about Deep Listening:

“Accessible, profound, and clear, the wisdom of Deep Listening grants us a chance to greet our habitual stress with new eyes of kindness and compassion. Through concise, consistent, and cumulative practices, Jillian provides us with the context to live more openheartedly and transform our ways of seeing and being.”
―Elena Brower, author of Art of Attention and Practice You

“Jillian has a way of being with you through the pages of this book so that you immediately trust her as if she were a tried and true friend. She wants you to reap the benefits of an art form that she is passionate about. Her detail to setting up yoga poses creates a depth of relaxation that few have touched, and her honesty will open up your own heart. Her intention is to get us to listen deeply, which is exactly what the world needs now. She is successful in that goal.” —Colleen Saidman Yee, author of Yoga for Life

Restorative 101: Journey Into Stillness With the Tools and Practice to Heal, Restore, and Rejuvenate.

In our hyper-digitized, overstimulated society, even yoga can be stressful. Until now. Join Jillian and Yoga Journal for a four-week program that offers and in-depth experience of essential practices to help you elicit a relaxation response. Each week will weave the fundamental themes of a restorative practice—grounding, making space, listening and rejuvenation—into the coursework. This program perfect for teachers and students of all levels! 

Watch Jillian's TEDx Talk on Metta Meditation

Friendship is as important to our health as getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. In this talk Jillian Pransky tells us that this is old news. 2,500-years ago Metta meditation was presented as a path to befriend our selves and develop a greater capacity to connect deeply with others - in the playground of our mind. 

Jillian presented her TEDx Talk about Metta Meditation, "MindPlay to Expand Love in Your Life,” in May at TEDxNavesink.