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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

  • Kaia Yoga | Westport, CT (map)

This training is perfect for new and experienced yoga teachers as well as body workers, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists. 

This two day training will offer you a clear understanding of restorative yoga, the science behind it, and how to build a healing restorative practice whether you are leading full Restorative classes, incorporating them into your group classes, developing personal programs for your private students or patients or creating your own personal home practice. 

Training will include lecture, teaching experience with partner work with exercises for propping and using voice and verbal quest for deeper healing and transformation. There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and questions and answers. 

Most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of the subtle energy body in restorative poses, and how to develop more dynamic use of props to address the individual needs of your students. You will leave confident in and inspired! 

This training covers:
- Science of the Relaxation Response Theory
- Anatomy of the Nervous System and Subtle Body
- Philosophy and Applications of Restorative Yoga Asana
- Neurological, physical, psychological, and energetic benefits
- Use of Basic Props and creating
- Unique use of verbal cueing and voice as a tool to deepen student's relaxation.
- Handling Energetic and Emotional Release
- Building a restorative practice and attuning the body, breath and mind.