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Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training Module 1

Module One. 30 Hours of the 60 Hour Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training

This comprehensive training focuses on the use of yoga as a healing tool and prepares you to professionally address a wide range of students’ conditions. Participants are trained in a holistic understanding of illness, injury, and chronic conditions and develop skills in observation, assessment, and adaptation of techniques for individual needs and circumstances.

Trainees learn and experience the practices of Ayurveda, yoga asanas, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, meditation, and hands-on touch. This module also includes training in leading classic yoga nidra, a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional, and physical relaxation as well as various applications for stress reduction and healing. You gain skills and confidence in working with people with disease, illness, and injury related to the nervous system and chronic stress as well as digestive issues, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Be sure to check times of each session and location as they differ through out the training.

Earlier Event: November 4
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