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I’ve been leading retreats across the country and internationally for almost 25 years now. Always, at every retreat closing, students ask how they can retain their calmness and clarity and sustain the deep sense of renewal and wholeness they cultivated throughout our time away together. This is the inspiration for my DVD, Calm Body, Clear Mind.

Routinely taking care of ourselves and finding ways to regularly rejuvenate is difficult for most of us.  The typical demand to keep up with ‘real’ life is often compounded by society, that little voice in our head perpetually insisting that accomplishment is better than rest, that doing something--anything--is better than doing nothing. We are rarely, if ever, taught how to slow down and take care of ourselves.

In Calm Body, Clear Mind I share a very simple, yet powerful practice which aims to help us to slow down and pause, enable us to revive our energy and turn on the healing aspects of our nervous system--all while regaining perspective, and reconnecting.

Practice regularly in this way, and you will see these qualities on your mat begin to expand into your daily life.


Here's what people are saying about Jillian's DVD, Calm Body, Clear Mind:


Sometimes DVDs are slightly different from their titles. Jillian Pransky Yoga—Calm Body Clear Mind offers exactly what the title promises along with some lovely surprises. This DVD offers an alternative to our multi-tasking lives and practices. To slow down and pause, the student/viewer has three options: a 30-minute Slow Flow Practice, a 30-minute Restorative Practice with Props and a 10-minute Relaxation Practice. Or all together, these segments are a complete practice from beginning to end. In Jillian Pransky Yoga—Calm Body Clear Mind you are instantly welcomed into a bright and clear space. It appears so relaxing you will yearn to crawl into your TV screen and join Jillian on the yoga mat.  —Melody Lima

The Best Restorative Yoga Video Available!  As a yoga teacher, I have purchased dozens of yoga videos. This is the only one I come back to again and again, without getting tired or bored. Jillian's slow-flow practice gently but thoroughly warms up the body, and provides a full workout despite it's shorter running time (Great for busy days!). The jewel in this DVD, though, is the guided restorative practice. Yes, you will need props, but they only allow you to deepen the relaxation, in order to enjoy the full benefits of this practice. Jillian's gifts shine in the guided relaxation provided with these poses; her artful use of voice and imagery allows you to drop deeply into relaxation and release all tension. It makes me feel like I've taken a mini-retreat, each time. Vipamon


Whether for a few minutes a day, or a few times a week, Calm Body, Clear Mind done one segment at a time, or in its entirety will initiate your healing powers, and leave you feeling more whole, integrated and at peace.  You will walk back out into your day, into the world, and into your relationships in a more balanced and wholesome state--just like coming home from a retreat.

I have created this DVD to be perfect for beginners and advanced student alike. Beginners will enjoy the pace as it provides time to move with grace and without strain.  Experienced students will appreciate the time to move inward towards the subtle qualities and meditative aspects of the practice.





A mindful movement practice to release stagnant energy and cultivate a calm, strong and supple body.

Three supported resting poses to melt tension, increase breathing capacity, create spaciousness, and rejuvenate energy. While 2 blocks and 3 yoga blankets are helpful, simple instructions for using items from home are offered.

A profound but simple practice to ease stress, balance the nervous system, and promote inner peace.

Featured Music: Guru Singh - Ong So Hung / Garth Stevenson - Seventh Sea / Drala (David Nichtern) – Home / John DeKadt & Benjy Wertheimer - Shivaratri

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