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Everyone will benefit from this 20-Minute guided relaxation.

Relaxmore is designed to help release blocked energy, surrendering layers of deeply held stress and tension. When practiced frequently, deep relaxation leads to improved health, increased energy, clarity of thought, inner balance, restful sleep and more.

Throughout our lives many of us have been encouraged to "do more." To learn, succeed, earn and obtain more. And, while exploring our fullest potential is intrinsic to living comfortably in our society, we are rarely encouraged to delve into relaxation as a technique for enhancing quality of life. To just let go. Completely.

When we learn to relax deeply, our mind stops racing. We become more receptive and, ultimately, engaged in a journey that unfolds with each moment. That journey is the inspiration for this guided relaxation; a practice that can be easily achieved, in only twenty minutes, any day or every day. Because the more we practice relaxing, the easier it become to stay calm, even in life's most challenging circumstances.


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Here's what people are saying about Jillian's CD, Relaxmore:

Jillian's soothing voice coupled with the language she uses greatly enhances the healthful experience of relaxation. RELAXMORE is one of our patients' favorite choices. —Dr. Memhet Oz

Relaxmore is excellent, a beautiful offering, that will help make the world a better place. —Erich Schiffman, Yoga Master

Jillian is a gifted yoga teacher, and listening to the sound of her voice on this program, and following her quiet instructions, you really can't help but relax —Mary-Louise Parker, Actor


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