Mohonk Spring Retreat

Spring is a time of great change, rebirth and renewal. 

The Mohonk Spring Retreat is a weekend of yoga and meditation designed to help you harness the radiant power of spring. Jillian will lead you through several classes using cleansing yoga techniques, rejuvenating breathing practices, deep relaxation, and mind opening meditations. The incredible natural environment of Mohonk will greatly enhance your connection to springs uplifting energy and you will have lots of time to explore the spring gardens, take in the mountain vistas and soak up the fresh air! 


I found my time on retreat with Jillian to be life defining and felt the inspired and glowing for many months after. I am still connected to her teachings through reading Yogalicious. I so appreciate her generous newsletters. They feed my intellect and my spirit.
— Karen

A Sample Weekend

This weekend is appropriate for students of all levels, and beginners are welcome.

Friday Night: 

Arrive Fully and Relax Deeply (all levels) Ease into your weekend with this soothing series of stretches and deep relaxation designed to melt your tension and prepare you for a delicious night’s sleep. You’ll leave ready to slide effortlessly and fully into your nurturing weekend.

Saturday Classes: 

Gentle Early Morning Energizer (good for beginners, and all levels): Good for all levels, and perfect for those who want to easy into the day. This class will focus on simple movements. Using deep breathing and fluid moving stretches, you will get your circulation flowing, build heat in your body, and lift your energy for the day. This class will focus on opening all the muscle involved in breathing and will highlight the shoulders and necks.

Rooted, Relaxed, and Radiant (all levels, invigorating slow flow vinyasa): Revitalize yourself with this mindful sequence of slow flowing yoga poses to warm your muscles, free tight hips, ease back pain, and release stiff hamstrings. This class will focus on standing poses, and core strengtheners that will leave you feeling Rooted; Mindful breathing, hip openers and yoga nidra to leave you feeling Relaxed; and increasing circulation as well as detoxification which will leave you feeling radiant.

Complete Restoration: In this Restorative Yoga session you will enjoy relaxing into yoga poses that are supported by props such as pillows, blankets, and towels. With the help of gravity and guided visualization you can surrender layers deeply held tension. You will expand into a profound sense of spaciousness as your muscles release, mind calms, and heart softens.

Sunday Morning

Bright Body, Mind, Spirit (an energizing class for all levels): This full spectrum class focuses on charging your inner light using basic yogic breathing techniques, peaceful flowing poses and deep relaxation. You will leave in a state of relaxed alertness, feeling light and grounded. All levels welcome!