Mohonk Winter Retreat

Cultivate a deep sense of relaxation that will rejuvenate your body, open your heart and calm your mind.

This joyful yoga and meditation retreat designed to help you explore and awaken your full potential as you release blocked energy, surrendering layers of deeply held stress and tension. You will cultivate a deep sense of relaxation that will rejuvenate your body, open your heart and calm your mind.

Although we are rarely encouraged to delve into relaxation as a technique for enhancing the quality of life, relaxation practice enables us to let go of the incessant striving and the exhausting quest for more. When we relax deeply, the mind stops racing, and we become more receptive and engaged in the journey that unfolds with each moment. Finally, as we relax into the present moment, the heart opens and our love, compassion, intuition, and creativity flow easily.

Join renowned yoga teacher Jillian Pransky for this unforgettable weekend of restoration. She will present a unique combination of simple meditation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation and walking meditations in nature; gentle vinyasa yoga flows (basic yoga poses that move with the rhythm of the breath) and restorative yoga poses (restful, supported poses). This perfect combination will help cultivate inner harmony as well as greater sensitivity toward oneself and others.


Jillian’s retreat is simply a terrific weekend in every way— it is rare that I attend a workshop and just love it so much. She has a wonderful ability to appeal to many types of people — being both soulful and fun.
— Jill

Sample Weekend

This weekend is appropriate for students of all levels, and beginners are welcome.

Between classes you are free to hike, enjoy seasonal activities like ice skating, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snow tubing, guided nature walks, horse back riding and so much more! Enjoy the indoor pool with under water music.  The fully equipped gym is open to all guests.  And, the spa is open for those who want to purchase body work and beauty sessions of all sorts.  For those who come with families there is a wonderful kids club to take advantage of!  Meals are filled with options for a wide range of pallets, and tea at four is a gathering in between meals.

Classes are geared towards all levels. Come enjoy all of them for a full comprehensive yoga experience, or drop in on the ones that work best for you.

Classes are between 60-90 minutes long.

Friday Night

Arrive Fully and Relax Deeply (all levels):  Ease into your weekend with this soothing series of stretches and deep relaxation designed to melt your tension and prepare you for a delicious night’s sleep. You’ll leave ready to slide effortlessly and fully into your nurturing weekend. Class is one hour.


Rooted, Relaxed, and Radiant (all levels, invigorating slow flow vinyasa): Revitalize yourself with this mindful sequence of slow flowing yoga poses to warm your muscles, free tight hips, ease back pain, and release stiff hamstrings. This class will focus on standing poses, and core strengtheners that will leave you feeling Rooted; Mindful breathing, hip openers and yoga nidra to leave you feeling Relaxed; and increasing circulation as well as detoxification which will leave you feeling radiant. 75 Minutes.

Flow and Let Go: In this Restorative Yoga session you will enjoy relaxing into yoga poses that are supported by props such as pillows, blankets, and towels. With the help of gravity and guided visualization you can surrender layers deeply held tension. You will expand into a profound sense of spaciousness as your muscles release, mind calms, and heart softens. 75 Minutes.

Sunday Morning

Bright Body, Mind, Spirit (an energizing class for all levels): This full spectrum class focuses on charging your inner light using basic yogic breathing techniques, peaceful flowing poses and deep relaxation. You will leave in a state of relaxed alertness, feeling light and grounded. All levels welcome! 90 Minutes.