My 20 Favorite Things | Yoga Works New York Newsletter

  1. The way my son, husband and I cuddle in the early A.M.
  2. Watching my students finish a restorative practice. They look totally satisfied and deeply relaxed. There is nothing like watching someone touch into a calmer deeper part of herself.
  3. Mangos! Juicy, drippy and sweet.
  4. Dark chocolate - the darker the better.
  5. Doing yoga in Mexico in an open air palapa - just got back! I practice for two hours in the palapa before I teach to my students and it is perfect.
  6. Teaching students in a retreat / workshop environment - when everyone wants to go deeper and has the setting to really sink in. I myself learn as I teach as I have the time to explain and explore the poses and philosophy in great detail.
  7. The wisdom of Pema Chodron. I have studied with her for many years - 9 years now. And I have been the yoga teacher for her meditation retreats at Omega since 2000. I love working with her students. I love receiving her brilliant teachings and reading her amazing books.
  8. Dancing to drums - or at a kirtan. Very liberating and relaxing.
  9. Dolphins! (My parents live on the water in Florida and my father has a special technique that attracts dolphins to his boat. I turn 5 every time I see one.)
  10. My new house in the 'country'! I just moved from the city to Montclair NJ. To me, it feels like I'm in a country cabin. I love my new home. The birds are already chirping. And I feel total relaxed!
  11. The smell of my son's hair after he's played outside.
  12. Lightening bugs (the time of year, the days so long, the lights like little fairies - it's magical.)
  13. My steam room / shower - ahhhh.
  14. An ayruvedic abyanga oil rub massage! (and shirodara) A totally rejuvenating and nourishing warm oil rub.
  15. The Berkshires - I love the country - especially walking in the woods near the Appalacian trail. I do walking meditation there. To be quiet and enjoy the sounds of nature around me - including my feet on the crunching leaves, the wind through the trees, the brook running over rocks, the birds... etc. And we always enjoy an evening camp fire - including toasting marshmallows of course!
  16. Drawing mandalas with colored pencils - very quieting.
  17. Rituals and passages. I honor the equinox and solstice as they are the perfect time to recenter, clarify, and tune in to nature. Practicing yoga and meditating in a way that honors these natural cycles helps me connect to myself as well as the larger energy around me.
  18. The smell of roasting coffee.
  19. Cooking - especially soup and stew.
  20. Cashmere - one of my secret indulgences. I love cashmere sweaters, tshirts, wraps. Soft and warm and light on my skin.