Chronogram Magazine | Naturally calm: Alternative Anxiety Therapies

Chronogram Magazine  | Naturally calm: Alternative Anxiety Therapies

“Anxiety separates you—it makes your neighbor seem like the other. It makes you build walls instead of bridges," says Pransky. "But when we meet ourselves with care, warmth, and presence, we can change our neurology. We release oxytocin, the hormone of love and connection. Our anxiety is not a personality trait. Neither is our connectivity. Yet the more we practice the latter, the better we get that feeling of love and connection."

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The Advocate New Orleans | Little altars everywhere: In a busy world, home shrines allow space for reflection



Yy Chris Bynum

They are increasingly common, but still one of a kind. Sacred spaces aren’t quite as prevalent as in-house offices and workout rooms, but a designated place for quiet reflection at home is a priority for many people.

Huffington Post | How Listening Deeply Can Change Your Day



by Meryl Davids Landau

When her son was born with a life-threatening wheat allergy, his experience convinced her that taking small steps on a regular basis has profound implications for the inner peace she had been teaching about and striving for personally.

MindBodyGreen | Do-Anywhere Grounding Techniques To Fight Stress & Bolster Your Immune System (Because Winter Is Coming)



by Jillian Pransky

As the seasons change and the leaves fall, reconnect to the earth by doing some grounding work to help you preserve your energy and keep your immune system healthy. Come winter, you’ll be glad you did.