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Anyone looking for yoga experiences that are deeply relaxing and tension releasing, by any chance? Jillian has been interviewed at length in these pages.  As one of her students over the years (full disclosure!) I can attest that she knows her stuff; her knowledge and professionalism permeate the teachings, and she is always creatively articulate. 

Elephant Journal | Calm Body, Clear Mind Review


DVD Review:

By Melody LIma

Sometimes DVDs are slightly different from their titles. Jillian Pransky Yoga—Calm Body Clear Mind offers exactly what the title promises along with some lovely surprises.  On screen, as in person, Jillian creates a safe space to heal, restore, relax, unwind, explore, detox, clean and practice.

Yoga Journal | On Solid Ground



By Karen Macklin

It's been a long week, so you sign up for a Friday evening restorative yoga class. Unwinding with some rejuvenating supported postures for an hour and a half sounds perfect—almost like a minivacation. But moments after you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the first pose, an unexpected visitor arrives: anxiety.