Yoga Journal | 7 Yoga Poses That Are Harder Than They Look


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By: Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

After years of practice, does Triangle still stress you out? Or, can you hold Handstand but wobble in Warrior I? Here, 7 top teachers share the relatively easy poses that they’re still trying to master—plus tips to make them a little less frustrating.

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Learn how to listen with compassion to your body, breath, feelings, and thoughts. This deep listening helps you cultivate the kind of conscious relaxation that allows you to stay open, present, and curious in situations where you normally wouldn't.

Yoga Journal | The Future of Yoga: 41 Teachers, Only 1 Way to Go



With our community more than doubling in the last decade, yoga is quickly evolving. (Goat yoga gone mainstream? Couldn’t have called it.) This National Yoga Month, we asked respected teachers across the yoga spectrum: what’s happening now and what’s next? Despite wildly different styles, many shared unified perspectives—and predictions.

Yoga Journal | 4 Must-Try Restorative Poses



How to get the most support from your props. Well-propped restorative poses can offer us the experience of being cradled and protected while releasing deep-held tension and providing the opportunity for true relaxation. Learn how to set yourself up for your most rejuvenating practice yet.

Yoga Journal | Restorative Yoga 101: 3 Tips for More Relaxing Breathing



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In YJ's newest course, Restorative Yoga 101, Jillian Pransky, director of Restorative Therapeutic Yoga teacher training for YogaWorks and author of Deep Listening, will have you rethinking rest one deep breath at a time.