NJ Yoga Collective | 3 Essential Yoga Books to Inspire You and Your Yoga Practice


Book Review:

By: May Louie

As winter has firmly descended upon us, I find this is the perfect time to hunker down in cozy, comfortable clothes (preferably yoga pants), with a warm beverage, and dive into books that I’ve intended to read, only half-read, or have loved enough to re-read. 

MindBodyGreen | Do-Anywhere Grounding Techniques To Fight Stress & Bolster Your Immune System (Because Winter Is Coming)



by Jillian Pransky

As the seasons change and the leaves fall, reconnect to the earth by doing some grounding work to help you preserve your energy and keep your immune system healthy. Come winter, you’ll be glad you did.

Yoga Journal | Practice Deep Listening to Change Your Stress Response & Start Truly Receiving Yourself



by Jillian Pransky

Learn how to listen with compassion to your body, breath, feelings, and thoughts. This deep listening helps you cultivate the kind of conscious relaxation that allows you to stay open, present, and curious in situations where you normally wouldn't.