Calm Body, Clear Mind | Segment 2: 30 Minute Restorative [Digital Version]


Calm Body, Clear Mind | Segment 2: 30 Minute Restorative [Digital Version]


This 30 minute Restorative segment of Jillian's 75 minute Calm Body, Clear Mind program combines three supported resting poses to melt tension, increase breathing capacity, create spaciousness and rejuvenate energy.

Duration: 29 minutes, 50 seconds

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A well-rounded Restorative sequence, consisting of three supported, nurturing physical postures.

Resting deeply is the objective of restorative yoga. Each pose of this 30 minute Restorative segment is designed to melt tension, increase breathing capacity, create spaciousness, and rejuvenate energy.

While you rest in these poses for 30 minutes you will be guided through awareness practices to help you initiate the parasympathetic nervous system--the aspect of the autonomic nervous system directed at creating internal equilibrium in the body. This is often called the 'rest & digest' system as opposed to the 'fight or flight' system, which is stress inducing. 

Legs up

Benefits: This gentle inversion elevates the legs just enough to quite the mind, promote circulation and immunity, refresh and balance your whole system.

On its own: this pose can be done any time to balance the nervous system, and is often used to promote more peaceful sleep before bed.  It is an important pose for days when you are more sedentary as well.

Surf Board

Benefits: I designed this variation I call Surf Board as an alternative to child’s pose (while receiving many similar benefits). This pose helps to cultivate a deep sense of safety and ease as you rest your whole front body on support.  With support along the front body, the breath is more free to expand into the back body.  Guidance this pose will help encourage you to let go of deep tension in the abdomen and pelvis, release unnecessary spinal holding, and relax an over-worked low back. As you rest in this way, you can cultivate a profound sense of well-being and peace through out your whole being. 

On its own: this pose can be done any time when you need deeper quite and rest, a chance to move more inward, and need a bit of extra ‘holding’ or ‘insulation’ for your nervous system. This can also be done instead of savasana or deep relaxation after any practice.

Goddess Pose

Benefits: This supported pose focuses on staying grounded will you relax into a more expanded state. The practice will help you let go of rigidity and unnecessary holding allowing the props to take your weight, so that your chest and abdomen can release and open. It will help lift your overall energy, deepen you breathing, and promote digestion and elimination.  It is nourishing for all the organs of the torso and pelvis.

On its own: This is a great way to start your day with, or to use as part of the full sequence.

These practices are perfect for most people all of the time to help create a more vital state of health and wellness in the body and mind. They are also incredibly healing during times of stress.

*Required Props: While 2 blocks and 3 yoga blankets are helpful, simple instructions for using items from home are offered.