Calm Body, Clear Mind: Full 75 Minute Program [Digital Version]


Calm Body, Clear Mind: Full 75 Minute Program [Digital Version]


This complete 75 minute digital version of Jillian Pransky's Calm Body, Clear Mind includes a 30 minute Slow Flow practice, a 30 minute Restorative practice and a 10 minute relaxation, all designed to melt your stress, restore your energy, and leave you feeling calm and present. Created for practitioners of all ages and skill levels, this DVD can be done as a full 75 minutes practice or in three shorter experiences.  

Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes

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The Full 75 Minute Program Includes:

Slow Flow: a mindful movement practice to release stagnant energy and cultivate a calm, strong and supple body.

This 30 minute mindfulness-based practice integrates breath awareness through a complete and well-rounded yoga routine. You will move through a sequence of gentle warm ups, standing poses, and floor postures to balance, strength, and open your body while you train the mind to be still, spacious, and fully present.

Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners who enjoy time to unfold gradually and focus on more subtle aspects of the practice through transitions. This program is paced specifically to counter feelings of overstimulation or depletion, and designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed. Great for any time of day, this practice will help you cultivate a sense of being grounded, calm, and open. 

Restorative: a well-rounded sequence, consisting of three supported, nurturing physical postures.

Resting deeply is the objective of restorative yoga. Each pose is designed to melt tension, increase breathing capacity, create spaciousness, and rejuvenate energy.

While you rest in these poses for 30 minutes you will be guided through awareness practices to help you initiate the parasympathetic nervous system--the aspect of the autonomic nervous system directed at creating internal equilibrium in the body. This is often called the 'rest & digest' system as opposed to the 'fight or flight' system, which is stress inducing. 

Relaxation: a profound but simple practice to ease stress, balance the nervous system, and promote inner peace.

While you are supported in a reclined resting position (also known as savasana) you will be guided through the body, breath, and mind.  Deep relaxation practiced in this way help create new neuromuscular patterns and give the nervous system a chance to integrate states of deep openness in the mind and body so that we can begin to cultivate more peace and ease off the mat an in our daily life.

This practice is known to rejuvenate the entire body, mind, and spirit and can be done anytime on it’s own or used after any practice. It may also be coupled with a meditation practice, or even serve as a great introductory meditation practice for those not yet formally practicing seated meditation.

Appreciation for Calm Body, Clear Mind

I love Jillian’s way, on the beam all the way through.
— Erich Schiffmann
On this DVD, Jillian Pransky offers a delicious slow flow yoga sequence, simple restorative poses, and a guided relaxation that bring my body and mind into alignment without strain. Her rich voice, vibrant imagery, and clear instructions make the practice a pleasure to do and easy to follow. After years of appreciating Jillian’s teaching in person, I’m thrilled I can now study with her at home—and that doing this practice leaves me feeling so grounded, refreshed, and well nourished.
— Emily Barton, author of the award wining novels “Brookland” and “The Testament of Yves Gundron,” and longtime senior teacher at Yoga Works / Be Yoga, NYC