Deep Listening for a Calm Body, Clear Mind, and Open Heart


Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
— Chinese proverb

Relax More is Jillian's brand new, hybrid online / on-site retreat offered through Kripalu. Deepen your experience and understanding of how to release excess and habitual stress and tension from the body-mind. Relax More, a program based on Jillian Pransky’s compassionate framework for relaxing into your life, offers a comprehensive curriculum to create positive change. Learn tools to respond—rather than react—to life’s circumstances in a heart-centered, nourishing way, creating more balance, health, and happiness in your life.

Jillian’s deep listening program integrates a wide range of scientifically validated tools, including mindful slow yoga, restorative practices, breathwork, guided relaxation, mindfulness, and metta meditation, along with meditative walks, spur-of-the-moment reset switches, and other proven practices. These techniques are designed to create self-awareness while eliciting the relaxation
response—balancing the nervous system and optimizing self-healing. This level of relaxation is known to improve immune function, enhance digestion, and set the body up for growth and repair. It also helps to release habitual tension, making you more comfortable and at ease in your body. Learning to balance and reconnect to yourself in this way can help cultivate a calm body, clear mind, and open heart, transforming your life in ways you never thought possible.

Lessons build upon each other to take you from the very first step—getting grounded—through the process of learning how to live moment to moment in a calmer, clearer, and more open way—whatever your circumstances.

This program combines the convenience of online learning with the connection and inspiration of an on-site immersion. Self-inquiry, reflection, and introductory mind-body materials are available in the easy-to-use online classroom. These prepare you to take full advantage of the experiential teachings and faculty support provided during the on-site retreat. After the immersion, five weeks
of asana, breathing and meditation practice videos, self-inquiry tools, reflection, journaling, walking meditations, instant restart tools, and small group work and forums support integration of the core concepts. 


During the program, you:

  • Become aware of how you hold habitual stress and tension in the body and mind, and how to release it
  • Learn to pause, relax, and remain open with discomfort
  • Find new ways to respond to stressors, allowing for better health and wellness
  • Feel capable and empowered to make choices that reduce the impact of stress
  • Discover tools to deal with overwhelm, and low-lying anxiety in the daily moments of life
  • Gain awareness of self-destructive narratives and tools to choose new responses
  • Feel more comfortable offering friendship, compassion, and forgiveness and engage in gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion practices for others
  • Feel at home in your body and life.

Who Should Take This Course:

This program is for you if you want to slow down and feel more present, grounded, and relaxed in
the real moments of your life. Or, if you feel

  • Weighed down by stress and tension
  • Challenged by a life transition
  • Constantly rushed
  • Trapped by a never-ending list of to-do’s
  • Controlled by “shoulds”
  • Unsure about how you “really feel” or what you “really want”
  • A longing for a deeper connection and friendship with yourself
  • Held back by long-standing personal narratives that prevent present-moment living
  • You’re not quite healthy and not quite happy, and don’t know why
  • Don’t have enough time or energy to figure out what’s really going on.

Jillian’s program is based on the cutting-edge science of the relaxation response. She offers scientifically validated deep listening tools to take mindfulness deeper than the mind and into the body, so that you can soothe the chronic tension locked in your muscles, quiet your anxiety-driven narratives, and finally feel relaxed inside your body and your life.

Learn to relax again with integrated movement, mindfulness, and compassion practices that help you slow down and release tension and anxiety. Jillian offers practical tools to listen to what your behavioral patterns, muscular tension, and scattered thoughts are telling you right now, as well as how to productively deal with those findings, and make room for new, more nourishing


What to Expect

An initial online orientation and welcome help you get the most out of this program and participate in a way that best meets your needs. You are offered a few reflection questions and intention-setting exercises to help you clarify your personal goals for the program. You also receive a short centering practice to help get you in the mood.

On campus, the program integrates slow flow yoga sequences, restorative practices, mindful nature walks, meditation, compassion practices, reflection, and journaling. Please bring proper shoes and attire for outdoor time, as well as a journal. You are also invited to bring any items to create a small personal space or altar at your mat to help you feel more relaxed and heart-felt (e.g., photos, nature items, personal objects).

Following the on-campus immersion, you participate in five weeks of online modules, each offering the practices you experienced on campus in manageable, bite-sized pieces—through videos, readings, journaling, and off-the-mat practices—to help you integrate and continue developing your new skills in the day-to-day moments of your life.

Each week also includes a Group Call to further discuss these topics and tools. It is an opportunity for each of you to connect more with Jillian and the group. The Group Calls are the heart of this program, as they foster the friendship and community that nourishes growth and transformation. 


A hallmark of the Kripalu Experience is that students live and learn in an internationally recognized retreat atmosphere. This immersion experience is supported by:

  • High-quality, all-natural meals, featuring vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Ayurvedicinfluenced, and vegan options
  • Fitness room and sauna
  • Private lakefront beach
  • Kripalu lawns, gardens, and walking and hiking trails
  • Comfortable relaxation and study areas Meditation Room
  • The Kripalu Cafe and Wireless Lounge, both with 24-hour Wi-Fi access. 

2016 Dates

ONLINE DATES: September 26–November 11, 2016

The program opens one week prior to the immersion, and continues online for five weeks after the immersion.


Throughout your life, you receive well-intended messages of encouragement from those around you: Be strong! You can do anything you want! These messages can be empowering, but they can also fire up a journey of constant goal-setting, achievement, and success-seeking that leads to stress and burn out. It is not about learning to be better and do more, it's about learning to be here and do less. It’s about connecting more with yourself, others, and the world around you. Master yogi Jillian Pransky helps you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and openness, allowing you to access profound intelligence and the wisdom of the mind-body connection.

This on-site and online program weaves together deep listening practices with mindful flow vinyasa, restorative poses, meditation, relaxation, and journaling exercises to help you explore the space between stimulus and response.

Jillian teaches integrative practices that engage and develop a deeper awareness and connection to the body, breath, and mind. Her emphasis on internal observation, rhythmic breathing, and fully supported rest gives you the space to choose your responses, making your actions a direct reflection of your deepest wisdom, compassion, and skillfulness.