Restorative Yoga Teacher Training | Level 1

Restorative Teacher Training Level 1 provides participants with a clear understanding of the roles of the nervous system and subtle energy body and how they relate to relaxation and Restorative Yoga. You are guided into a practical understanding of how restorative poses can be used by to create balance, nurture inner quiet, and renew core energy and learn skills to help you create deeply transformative poses through the use of your voice, verbal cueing, and props. Trainees also practice tuning in to the subtle energetic field of their students, developing the ability to sense, see, and feel physical and energetic misalignments and skills for adjusting them to create a greater sense of health and wholeness.

Upon completion, participants will be able to create, guide, and practice a customized Restorative Yoga practice for themselves and others. It is highly recommended that participants continue with Restorative Teacher Training Level 2 to further their knowledge and experience, particularly in offering Restorative Yoga in a more therapeutic environment or to those with injury or illness.


After attending Jillian’s training, many of my students began to comment on the effectiveness of my teaching. They started sharing their own experience of deep relaxation with me. And how deeply they felt supported. I am passing on so much that I learned, and my own practice has been deepened as well.
— Cindy, Yoga Teacher

Designed for

New and experienced yoga teachers as well as health professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, mental-health professionals, counselors, body workers, mind-body fitness instructors, health coaches, and others working in healing, helping, and teaching professions.


Lecture, demonstration, partnered exercises and practice-teaching of restorative poses, discussions, questions and answers, and a training manual.

Topics covered

  • Science of the Relaxation Response theory
  • Anatomy of the nervous system and anatomy of the subtle body
  • Neurological, physical, psychological, and energetic principles of working with Restorative Yoga
  • Observing bodies and making skillful propping decisions
  • Basic sequencing theory and themes
  • Unique use of verbal cueing
  • Foundations for building a restorative practice for private clients and group classes
  • Incorporating restoratives in traditional hatha yoga or vinyasa yoga group classes
  • Teacher-student relationship

You will receive

  • A Certification of Completion. This can be used for Yoga Alliance CEU hours in Restorative Yoga based on hours of program (usually 12-15 hours).
  • An extensive training manual compiled by Jillian
  • A list of recommended reading and resources
  • A listing on Jillian Find A Teacher Graduate Page
  • An extensive follow-up guide to online resources for continued study and practice
  • An invitation to join an ongoing discussion and resource group for Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics teachers

Special Notes


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