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Only the real master-teacher is blessed with that rare combination of gifts that enable students to blossom physically, mentally, and spiritually. Jillian Pransky embodies these gifts. Her teaching exists in that exciting liminal space between kinesthetic awareness and physical transcendence. Jillian’s ability to share her profound knowledge with humor, intelligence, compassion and boundless creativity is unparalleled. As a former professional dancer with over thirty years of experience in body/mind practices, I can truly say that she is among the finest teachers I have ever encountered. It is a privilege and a joy to study yoga with her.
— Tamara
I think the most profound quality to her teaching that I have experienced thus far is how she continually shares her growth process with her students. It manifests in her words and in her touch Jillian’s light, love and dedication to life and all it’s beauty shows up in her teachings in every moment. It emanates out from her soul, which creates such a powerful relationship with her students. She is Yoga. She is completely present with each and every one of her students. When I take class with Jillian, I feel like I am in a private lesson. I feel her presence and love and support so strongly. I feel free to be with me and to listen to me. She is remarkable.
— Jennifer
I love Jillian’s Classes. They are brilliant and just what I have been asking for. In her class, I feel nurtured and balanced. I stopped practicing asana in classes a while back for a variety of reasons and turned to mainly mediation and my own self practice. Finding her class has been a gift.
— Loren
I never knew the numerous benefits I could reap from practicing yoga even only a few times a week. I started to practice in April 2000 - Jillian was my first instructor and inspiration. With Jillian’s instruction I have embraced yoga into my life. Her unique and special way of teaching has allowed me to see the spiritual and physical side of the practice. The levels of awareness which have entered my life as a result are incredible! I feel as though I have matured five years in the last nine months.
— Beth
As my teacher, Jillian has provided me with the opportunity to grow into my own yogic experience. Jillian has been a light that illuminated my soul, my love, and my inner wisdom. Her teaching has given me a key to the source of love and possibility. I am grateful for Jillian’s courage, as she regularly shares her inner truth, love, and light with all of her students. Thanks!
— Susan
I had been going to Yoga Zone for about 2 years before I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Jillian’s classes. The class was much different from any of the other classes I had taken to date. She brought a new approach to yoga making it less rigid and focused on getting the asanas “right”. I found that once your mind is not so set on doing it right your body kind of takes over and does it right naturally. Jillian has brought a certain flow of ease, sensuality, freedom and fun into her teaching and at the same time her students get all the benefits from her knowledge of yoga asana alignment and form
— Ana
Some people are born with a natural gift. Jillian is one of those individuals. She is a natural born teacher who beautifully shares her knowledge of yoga. I love her images that help explain yoga so simply. And her choice of descriptive language has always appealed to me. To use one of her adjectives Jillian is a “yummy” teacher. What I learn in her class I take with me each day in all facets of my life.
— Colleen
Jillian has a true gift for sharing yoga with others. She manages to make each person in her class feel like they’re the only one in the room, while maintaining a connection with everyone at once. Jillian keeps my practice fresh by reminding me to always look at my practice with a new perspective. I’m always amazed at how one tiny adjustment by Jillian can completely change the way I look at a pose. It’s an honor to study yoga with Jillian Pransky, and anyone who is lucky enough to learn from her and have that experience will be forever grateful.
— Jodi
Jillian’s non-rigid attitude and personal warmth is reflected in her teaching style and every class with her is truly special. Through her teaching, I have learned how to truly make my yoga practice my own. By allowing myself to let go and directing my focus inward, rather than outward, my practice has greatly improved both physically and mentally.
— Dalita
I made my way to Jillian’s class in desperation, I was going through one of the most emotionally difficult times of my life, where living through each day was my goal [...] Jillian’s YOGA, is Jillian’s alone [...] her style is flowing and a workout from the INSIDE-OUT!!!! Her teaching has touched my heart and changed my life [...] it is my favorite part of my day [...] she is the epitome of someone finding their way along their path and loving what they do, it shines through.
— Wendy

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To study with Jillian is an invitation to study yourself spiritually & physically. Contrary to so many yoga classes in New York City where the process is akin to a workout on ESPN and removed from the study of yoga, Jillian urges you to explore your body, and, as a result, your mind and spiritual self. Perhaps what I admire most about working with Jillian is that she herself is in a constant state of evolution. No sooner than she has absorbed a weekend or retreat with Eric Schiffman or the study of Thai massage, does she immediately impart her learnings to her students. As a result, there is never a predictability to her classes and to her teachings, nor a challenge to simply strike a pose with the purpose of attaining the most extreme possibility.
— Lisa
My week with Jillian was healing, restful, inspiring, and fun. It opened my eyes to the kind of healing work we can do at all levels. As the only non-yoga teacher in the class, I was nervous about having the skills that I would need to do the work but Jillian made all the concepts so accessible. I learned an enormous number of new tools and skills that I can use for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for my patients and for myself.
— Alison, M.D.
Run, don’t walk, to study with Jillian Pransky. She is truly inspired and gifts, not to mention generous with her energy and teachings. Her trainings and manual are the most clear of any instruction I have ever experienced. It was a blessing to study with her….In Jillian’s restorative yoga teacher training you receive comprehensive, extremely organized and yet loving, kind, and entertaining instruction. You cover principles of placing/guiding the body, breath and mind. You learn propping, alignment, anatomy, energetic physiology, sequencing, and so much more. Her breadth of knowledge and years of experience provide such insight into what deep relaxation can express or trigger on an emotional and psychological level in the client and she includes guidance and tips on how to provide safe, professional space.
— Lisa, Yoga Therapist
Jillian Pransky’s Restorative Therapeutic Teacher Training was highly recommended by a friend who took it few years ago, so I came into it with high expectations—and Jillian exceeded them! I learned a lot about propping and it was far more than just getting the how to’s of restorative yoga poses and sequencing. She taught us how to think for ourselves and be creative. Best of all, Jillian taught us the koshas in a tangible way. The experience was definitely informative but more importantly heartfelt and transformational.
— Stephanie, Turtle Flow Yoga
Jillian is so inspiring and passionate about her work and conveys so much information in a short amount of time. I got so much out of it and I am not even a yoga instructor. I have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for almost 5 years and I understand now how some peaceful moments on the yoga mat can compliment the rest of my healing process, finding that moment of stillness where healing can happen.
— Stephanie, Yoga Student
Jillian is a gifted teacher. She artfully translates for students the wisdom of her own deep yoga practice and her years of helping individuals and groups heal from stress and related injuries. What is most striking is her generosity of spirit - her willingness to share all that she knows, in order to make sure more people in this world experience the restoration and connectedness of yoga practice
— Amanda, Yoga Teacher
I was delighted by Jillian’s light-hearted approach in which I laughed and enjoyed myself while learning so much. I left confident and passionate to share the practice with others. Just days after training, I was able to bring deeper states of ease and relaxation to a man suffering from cancer (and his wife) as well as a mother of 4 with a new born. I am excited to bring this level of rest and healing to many others.
— Shauna, Yoga Therapist
My gratitude for Jillian’s training is enormous. She has an incredible ability to translate the immense benefits of working therapeutically. All my students will benefit from my work with Jillian.
— Lisa, Yoga Teacher
Jillian has researched, studied, and expanded restorative practice, creating a broader, whole-system perspective that is more than yoga, yet yoga at its core. She teaches and shares from a place of true understanding and commitment.
— Joy, Studio Owner

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Jillian’s retreat was a gift! She weaves the yoga classes together with deeper lessons for life—all connected to nature. She really helped me to slow down and take it all in on very deeply. I now sense a new level of connection to nature’s sights, sounds and vibrations. The work we did in this retreat really helped me to begin taking steps to make some positive changes…. Inspiring me to discover ways to make my life better.
— Joyce
Jillian’s retreat at Kripalu was such a wonderful experience and one I’m now drawing from on a regular basis. I feel so blessed to have found her program. It was just what I needed! This was an amazingly memorable week!
— Maureen
After Jillian’s retreat I felt so grounded and light. My body, mind and spirit felt truly rejuvenated in a very deep way, like in my cells. I can not wait to attend another one!
— Shawn
What a great retreat. Jillian’s classes are amazing. She has something very special, a unique ability to communicate extremely subtle, complex concepts in a way that different types of people all seem to understand on a level that is not just the normal conscious level.
— Rich