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Thank you for your purchases of Deep Listening and as a gesture of gratitude, below you will find your gifts! These gifts consist of three guided meditations and a sneak peak at Deep Listening (Introduction and Chapter 1) to help you to help you feel more calm, clear and open today. Please bookmark this link so you can return to these meditations whenever you would like to revisit a guided practice.


The Introduction has everything you need to prepare for your journey into the practice of Deep Listening. Chapter 1 brings you into our first step. We learn why and how to practice pausing and welcoming ourselves. Download Now.

A simple guided meditation that combines imagery, breath awareness, and grounding techniques. This meditation aims to help you settle your mind, release excess tension and feel more grounded and present. When we feel more grounded and relaxed, we naturally grow more present and open. You can enjoy this in a comfortable set of your choice, with your eyes open or closed.

A short guided imagery and contemplation exercise that invites you to pause, relax, and grow more spacious and open. Try this sitting down for the first time and you may just find that you call upon this technique throughout your day (anywhere, anytime) to help you create more ease in your body, freshness in your mind and openness in you heart.

A progressive relaxation experience is a short and powerful progressive relaxation will guide you through your whole body, helping you to let go of deeply held stress and tension, releasing blocked energy and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.