March | 2013

Lesson No. 42: Me and You, in the Future, Right Now

Sometimes just being present is that most rejuvenating thing we can do.

Yesterday, I was sitting with William, my 9 year old son, at our kitchen counter having an afternoon snack, distracted by the mess around me thinking about how I was going to get everything done in the next few hours. I must have been wearing my dismay on my face because William asked me what was wrong.

“Oh nothing,” I answered, “I’m just thinking about all I have to clean up.”

“Me and you in the future right now,” he responded.

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well… I’m thinking about my homework and you’re thinking about your housework. We are both in the future. We’re together, but we’re not.”

(‘Ouch’, thought this yoga teacher... Quickly, I put aside my embarrassment for not practicing what I preach and was grateful to hear more from my teacher William.)

“You are right.” I admitted. “That’s not so good is it?” I asked, hoping to hear more of his thoughts.

He continued, “If you are always thinking about the future, you are never really going to be living. Because, when you get to the future, you will still be thinking about the future…. You won’t ever really be living.”

“Yea,” I said. “We should just be together now instead.”

“It would be a lot more fun now. After all, we are still going to have to do our work later. Let’s just do it then.” William finished.

I love that this came up right as I was writing my spring newsletter. In an effort to cultivate new energy, we clean out our closets, go on fasting diets, embrace new exercise regimes… But we often forget that this renewal and rejuvenation is also available right in the moment.

Instead of depleting ourselves by digging up the past or pushing into the future, we can also find new energy by just showing up fully for the fresh new moment as it is happening, NOW.