June | 2010

Lesson No. 28: Lost Present

Away on vacation last summer, William lost his favorite stuffed animal, Sleepy Duck, which was his very first present as an infant. We spent hours searching for it. But, it was 10 pm, well after bedtime, so I told William we could go to the Lost and Found in the morning. He whined miserably that he wanted to go immediately, but I told him it was closed for the night; he would have to wait.

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March | 2010

Lesson No. 27 : Real Optimism

William, now 6 and a half, is Anaphylaxis to Wheat, Gluten and several other grains. At eleven months old, after his first bite of toast, he was rushed to the hospital. As a toddler I shadowed his every step, ensuring he remained gluten free...With a lot of tension around food, William quickly became aware of his severe allergies.  Somehow we managed to keep him free of gluten for 6 years

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