Breath Easy: Techniques for health and happiness

As you probably know, yoga can greatly enhance the quality of your breathing. We feel so good on the days we practice not only because we open our bodies and center our minds; but because we become more conscious of our breathing, which increases the flow of oxygen and Prana in our system. 

In addition, the quality of your breathing remains higher for hours after your practice, so you feel "better" the whole day! Why, you ask? What is the magic behind the breath? More importantly, why don't we breathe as well all the time? Enjoy these great resources to help you get more Air Time, all the time.


Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana) is considered one of the best breathing techniques to calm the mind and nervous system. Sometimes I use a little oil on my right wrist to add the benefits of aromatherapy to the practice. Try Lavender to relieve anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, and nervous tension and to promote calmness and relaxation. For details on alternate nostril breathing, click here.

Here are some additional resources to assist you in balancing your energy:

Three Easy Breathing Exercises for Stress, Anxiety and Depression from Dr. Weil

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