Just a Minute. A Meditation Challenge.

Imagine opening a window, looking up at the endless blue sky, and savoring 10 deep breaths of fresh air. Then returning indoors to your activity, feeling renewed. Just like this, even a few moments of meditation is very rejuvenating.

Many people think that their meditation only counts if it is 20 or 30 minutes long.  But a little bit often can reap far more benefits than sitting for one long meditation once a week. In fact, even one minute of meditation a couple of times a day can make a big difference.


That's right, I said one minute. That may seem silly, but it is a great place to start. And since you’re more likely to notice how you good you feel with that small change you may be more apt to repeat it over and over again.  You may find that you desire lengthening your meditation naturally.

Try this meditation every day this week:


Sit or stand in a comfortable position. If possible do this in a place you can see the sky.

Follow your next few breaths with your mind while you mentally note the length of your breath as it is happening. In short, you are practicing staying present with the full length of each breath as well as the spaces between them.

As your breath flows in, mentally follow its duration by labeling it, "beginning, middle, top." Feel the moment of pause at the top of your breath.

Follow the length of your breath as it flows out, mentally noting: "beginning, middle, end". Pause, and relax, at the end of your exhale. In this space at the end of the exhale, imagine an infinite open sky. Or actually look out into an open sky if possible.

Notice how you feel after a minute or two.

If you like this practice, try it in the morning as a meditation practice, and each week add another minute. In one month you will have a 4-minute meditation practice. In two months, an eight-minute meditation practice. In three months, a 12-minute meditation practice. In four, a 16-minute meditation practice. This is more than enough time to make a huge impact on your health and sanity. And on a day you don't have enough time - simply go back down to any amount that feels reasonable. Just don't skip a minute a day.

If you'd like a bit of extra support try this 7-minute mindful meditation practice with me here.