Keeping Your Zen During Travel

My friend and Wellness travel expert Linden Schaffer shares her tips for Keeping Your Zen During Travel.....

Travel has gotten a bad rap over the years and the latest viral videos of on-flight and in-terminal bad behavior haven’t done anything to quash the visceral reaction most people have when you mention summer travel. So how do you keep your Zen through it all?

  • Shell out for Global Entry, it comes with TSA pre-check and gets me from the plane to the curb upon international return in 8-minutes flat. (Yes, I only carry on.)

  • Pay to pre-book your seat or seat class for maximum comfort.

  • Smile at everyone, but especially airline personnel. It disarms people and they will actually be nicer to you if a situation arises.

  • Look forward to airport/airplane time as me time. Plan activities that make you happy and that you don’t get to do often such as journal, read a book, or watch a movie.  

  • Rely on your breath to tune out those around you and tune into your inner calm.

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