Yoga For Relief on the Road

Here are several online resources to help you release the tightness and tension that can build up while traveling, as well as prepare you to feel rooted and radiant while you are on the road.

Stand up and wring it out:
I have enjoyed this Standing twist in the parking lots of many rest stops. Even in the Isle of the airplane!

Recline and unwind:
After a long ride, I find that a reclined hip opener is just what the doctor ordered!

A morning practice (10-minutes) on the road:
When I'm on the road and eager to get out for adventure, I still do a short practice each morning. Even 10 minutes can help set you up to for more joy in your day.

Got 60 minutes?

Enjoy this Slow Flow... It will help you release tension and expand into your adventure.  You will finish feeling rooted and radiant where ever you are wandering.

Arrive and Re-calibrate:

Begin with a 5-minute meditation, and then move through a series of standing poses for strength and stability while you simultaneously open the psoas, side body, chest and shoulders. Mindful pauses throughout help you experience a deeper sense of presence as well as a fuller more effortless breath. End with a short relaxation and finish feeling more rooted and radiant.
Recommended props: 2 blocks


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