Why It's A Good Time To Get Down (And Put Your Legs Up)

Brace yourselves, for we are on the verge of Vata season.

It begins with some harmless flirting, as autumn lures us with brilliant colors, savory air, and delectable harvest treats. But quickly, autumn’s mission accelerates, unleashing more than just awe-striking beauty.  Autumn is infused with wind, the energy of movement that is called Vata.

Vata is the "air" element characterized by wind and movement as well as coolness, lightness, and dryness.  It is this energy that brings us through the elimination process and aging process overall.  In autumn and early winter, it is the dominant energy both around and within us.  Vata is the energy needed for change and re-creation.  And as the seasons and nature change, so do we.  And so should our yoga practice. 

But do to it's "quick changing" nature - this season can cause us to have a harder time feeling grounded and calm; we may agitate or stress more easily, become more anxious or 'spacey', experience less rejuvenating sleep, or deplete faster than normal. Enjoy this pose to help you feel more grounded, calm, rested, and replenished all month.

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