Join me for the relaunch of my online course: Restorative 101 with Yoga Journal!


In our hyper-digitized, overstimulated society, even yoga can be stressful. Until now. In this profound 101 class, I will have you rethinking restorative yoga one deep breath at a time.

Restorative 101 is a four-week program that offers students an in-depth look at eight essential poses to help elicit a relaxation response. Each week weaves the fundamental themes of a restorative practice—grounding, making space, listening and rejuvenation—into the coursework. And simple prop setups will help encourage deep mind-body release and healing. In addition to the fours weeks of practice, you will receive several foundational videos to help you prepare to get the most from your experience.

Each week you will receive two in-depth pose how-to videos, a guided meditation and breathing practice, a guided restorative session, mind-body alignment lectures and personal inquiry. You will also receive a gentle slow flow warm-up sequence that you can use before every practice or on it's own anytime  and a deeply nourishing savasana practice. You'll want to come back over and over again to experience the 4 guided restorative practices (35 min), 4 guided meditations (12 min), breath awareness practice, a 10-minute mindful slow flow, and 15 minute Savasana with Yoga Nidra variation.

Since you'll own all the classes you can continue to use them sequentially or pick the perfect practices each day to balance your energy and well-being!

  • 2 Guided Practices for Grounding and Calming

  • 2 Guided Practices for Releasing Deeper Tension

  • 2 Guided Practices for Freeing the Breath and Making Space

  • 2 Guided Practices for Energy and Rejuvenation

  • A 10 Minute Mindful Slow Flow Practice

  • A 15 Minute Guided Savasana

Plus you'll receive everything you need to understand the science and philosophy behind restorative yoga and how it works with your nervous system to reduce stress and initiate your self-healing systems:

  • 9 in-depth pose how-to videos: instruction on alignment, benefits, detailed use of props, and variations.

  • Simply, easy to understand weekly discussion on the mind-body science behind the poses and practices, with a focus on stress and relaxation responses

  • Extra tips to enhance your practice or teaching of each pose

  • A blanket-folding tutorial

  • Breathing diagnostic and exploration exercise

And we get to connect directly about your practice!

  • You are able to join me on our private Facebook Restorative 101 Group page, where I will meet you, offer additional teachings and readings to enhance your practice, and you can connect with our supportive and nourishing community

  • Plus  2 webinars that include exclusive lessons, practice, and Q&As

Register today and receive $75 off the course (that's only $225)! 
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Students can register anytime for an On Demand access to this course.