Make "real life" a retreat with my New online program - Relax More!

The most frequent question my students ask me on the last day of a retreat is, "How do I continue feeling this way, once I return home and re-enter 'real life'? How do I live this way?"

Truth be told, many students in my weekly class also share that the balance they may create in their morning practice, can be gone shortly after they step off their mat and turn on their iPhone. They are longing to feel the effect of their yoga in more areas of their life - but don't quite know how to bring their practice into their daily life. 
So again, the question is, "How can we cultivate, retain and even deepen the benefits of a yoga practice in the busyness and challenges of 'real' life?"

This has been the inspiration for my new online course: Relax More: Deep Listening for a Calm Body, Clear Mind, and Open Heart which begins on August 6, 2018.


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Relax More is based on the cutting-edge science of the relaxation response. I will share practical tools to help you feel relaxed inside your body, mind and your life... day after day, not just on retreat. 

Slow Flow sequences

Slow Flow sequences

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

conscious relaxation techniques

conscious relaxation techniques

Here's an overview:

Each week you will receive a new module of lessons that offer skills which progress, like stepping-stones, from one to the next. All practices are simple, short and designed to integrate into your daily life. Weekly Practices and Tools include:

  •  Slow Flow Yoga Videos

  •  Restorative Practice Videos

  •  Conscious Relaxation Videos

  •  Meditation and Breathing Practice Videos

  •  Mindful Walking instruction

  •  Quick Reset techniques.

  •  Journaling and Reflection questions.

  •  Inspirational reading and additional reading resources

  • Online Group Forum for support and idea sharing
    I will have space here to answer your questions, hear about your experiences, and enjoy connecting with you.

  • Group Phone Call
    I will offer a new teaching every week and building on each week

To help you build a personal practice, you will continue to have access to each weekly the lesson and all our videos even as we progress throughout the entire program and for a full year after we finish together.

Tools to enhance your personal practice include…

  • Become aware of how you hold habitual stress and tension in the body and mind, and how to release it

  • Discover tools to deal with overwhelming and low-lying anxiety in the daily moments of life

  • Develop a practice for self-compassion and gratitude

  • Feel at home in your body and life

  • Learn to pause and breathe when discomfort arises

  • Find new ways to respond to stressors (allowing for better health and wellness)

  • Feel capable and empowered to make choices that reduce the impact of stress


Enjoy a 10% savings by using
coupon code: JP2018 at check out.

I'd love to support you on the journey of Living Your Yoga. With daily yoga practice now for over two decades, I have learned that yoga is not something I do on the mat, but it is a framework for creating self awareness, balance, and compassionate action in my day to day life - helping me to live as my most authentic self. And, I am very excited to have this opportunity to offer my new Relax More Program and use this new format to share the teachings that have transformed my own life, and the lives of hundreds of my students.

JUMP START your experience with me in person!

Join me for one of my summer programs and then bring it home and deeply integrate the effects of your practice with Relax More online. Omega Retreat May 25-28 or a 3, 5, or 7 day retreat at Kripalu in July!