Ready to Teach or Retreat More Deeply with Restorative Yoga?


Restorative Yoga is very "Advanced Yoga".

Restorative yoga is an incredibly powerful and potent practice, helping us to recognize and release unnecessarily habitual stress and tension in our body and mind. It also provides an environment where we can truly learn to rest - and rest is a prerequisite for health and healing. 

In Restorative yoga we learn how to allow ourselves to slow down, be supported, pay attention, grow present, and release into stillness. We learn how to practice “being” rather than our usual “doing.”  And when we allow ourselves to land and truly relax, we create conditions for our minds to calm and our bodies to heal. We soothe our over stimulated sympathetic nervous system and find relief from the stress of our busy lives. This allows us to replenish and restore - so that we actually gain energy to bring back into our daily lives.

The profound effect that restorative and therapeutic yoga has on my students (and myself!), fuels my passion and dedication to continue sharing it and for helping teachers further experience and develop skills in offering the practice.  Below you will find the remaining training dates for 2018. These trainings are geared towards Yoga Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Therapists of all kinds, Care Takers, Mindbody Fitness Experts, and even those just interested in their own healing.

Restorative Yoga is the ultimate training ground to learn the skills needed to rest deeply and release unnecessarily habitual stress and tension. Learn how to take your practice deeper with either a destination retreat, a teacher training or even an online course!

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July 27-29 and 29-August 3 | Kripalu, MA
Retreat Deeply

You may find an open space!


September 13-14, 2018 | Lambertville, NJ. DIG YOGA
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 (15.5 Hours)

Restorative Teacher Training Level 1 provides participants with a clear understanding of the roles of the nervous system and subtle energy body and how they relate to relaxation and Restorative Yoga. You are guided into a practical understanding of how restorative poses can be used by to create balance, nurture inner quiet, and renew core energy and learn skills to help you create deeply transformative poses through the use of your voice, verbal cueing, and props. Trainees also practice tuning in to the subtle energetic field of their students, developing the ability to sense, see, and feel physical and energetic misalignments and skills for adjusting them to create a greater sense of health and wholeness.

November 4 - 8 2018 | Kripalu, MA
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Intensive (27 Hours)

This Restorative Intensive combines Level 1 and Level 2 in a residential program. Through practice, hands-on practice-teaching, lecture, and discussion, this training covers the relaxation response and the central nervous system; alignment to support optimal energy flow; sequencing restorative poses for therapeutic applications during times of injury, illness, and recovery; the koshas and the energy body in asana; restorative asanas for different environments, special populations, and students with limited physical abilities; restorative yoga as a form of relaxation and to support spiritual practice.

November 28 & December 1 - 4 2018 | YogaWorks, Soho NYC
Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training 60 Hour Training

Learn practical tools, techniques, and guidelines for working with those who have chronic or serious health conditions and a deeper understanding of your own skills and interests as a therapeutic yoga practitioner.

Program includes yogic and ayurvedic principles, protocols, and techniques for working with the most common side effects of stress, illness, and injury: insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety, and depression. You will gain confidence and tools for working in a variety of settings with a variety of conditions including injury, chronic structural and functional limitations, and chronic illness.

Guest Specialists will offer expert presentations and you will have the opportunity to apply your skills in real time by teaching an in-class private to a student in need of therapeutic yoga. You may register for full the 60 Hour program or a single 30 Hour Module.

(Note: This program does not include How to Teach Restorative Yoga.)

Receive a 100 Hour Certificate specializing in therapeutic applications of yoga after you complete 60 Hour Yoga Therapeutics program and 40 Hours of Restorative Yoga Training.



NEW! Launching August 6: Relax More @Home
An Online Course

Relax More in your Daily Life is a 5 week program that weaves together a variety of practices for on the mat and cushion along with practices that you literally use in the midst of your day. Each week you will receive a new module of lessons that offer skills which progress, like stepping-stones, from one to the next. All practices are simple, short and designed to integrate into your daily life. Weekly Practices and Tools include Slow Flow Yoga Videos;  Restorative Practice;  Videos.

Conscious Relaxation Videos; Meditation and Breathing Practice Videos; Mindful Walking instruction; Quick Reset techniques; Journaling and Reflection questions; Inspirational reading and additional reading resources; Online Group Forum for support and idea sharing.

Yoga Journal Presents: Restorative Yoga 101
A Guided Online Course

Register Today. This program is On Demand and you can enroll any time. This four-week program offers a deep dive into eight essential poses you need to elicit a relaxation response. Each week I weave fundamental themes of a restorative practice—grounding, making space, listening, and rejuvenation—into the coursework so you can begin naturally integrating these principles on the mat. You’ll focus on simple prop setups to help encourage deep mind-body release and healing. Whether you are an avid practitioner, are new to restorative, or want to teach it effectively, this course will give you the tools to build a nourishing restorative practice. Note: This course counts as 30 Hours of Yoga Alliance non-contact hours. This program is perfect for students and teachers of all levels.

Thank you for your own practice and your sharing of yoga. For as each of us learns to relax more deeply, it is not only good for us, but we then have a more nourishing impact on everyone we come into contact with. Little by little, this spreads more peace on the planet.

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