2-Minute Retreat + Re-center

Pause for 2 minutes with this simple meditation to feel more grounded and centered.

Or enjoy a guided video version (5-minute) I created with Forbes.com.

1. Settle back into your chair. Be in an easy, comfortable position. Feel where you body meets support.

2. Release a couple of long exhales out through your mouth. With each exhale, allow your weight to drain down from your head and shoulders, into your seat and legs.

3. Just as the sand in an hourglass drains from the top half to the bottom, imagine, all the heaviness, all the sand; in you, draining from your head, shoulders, and torso, down into your bottom half. Allow your weight to rest heavily in your seat.

4. Move your awareness back to the chest center.

5. Welcome the breath into your clear upper hourglass. As if there is a nostril on the heart, imagine your breath moving freely through your chest.

6. Feel the nourishing breath flowing, caring for you, as it flows in and out.

7. Slowly open your eyes and move with ease into your next moment.

Enjoy the extended version of this practice on a weekend retreat with me at Kripalu January 11-13. With Special Musical Guests - Renown composer and Bassist Garth Stevenson and Chantress Kristen Ambrosi