Learn to Pause & Relax Into Your Life with a Summer Retreat

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

I have been leading an annual Summer Weekend and Mid-Week Retreat at Kripalu since 2004. Offered in the beauty of Kripalu’s natural environment, these retreats are known for their exquisite combination of yoga, meditation, and time in nature.

Year after year students express – that no matter how they arrived – they leave with a deep sense of renewal, healing, gratitude, and inspiration.

These summer retreats have all the ingredients to make the most memorable and renewing experience: An amazing natural environment, nourishing local food, like minded yogis combined with deeply impactful yoga practices. My classes weave together mindfulness with slow-flow vinyasa, restorative yoga, conscious relaxation, deep listening practices, and time in nature. As usual, my emphasis is on internal observation, rhythmic breathing, the balance of effort and ease, and compassion practices.



JULY 19-21

In this weekend retreat, Jillian Pransky artfully weaves together mindfulness with slow-flow vinyasa, restorative yoga, deep relaxation, and time in nature. Her emphasis is on internal observation, rhythmic breathing, and fully supported rest. From this place of centered awareness, your actions become a direct reflection of your deepest insight, compassion, and skillfulness.


JULY 21-26

When you pause, relax, and come into the present moment, you immediately have more resources at your disposal and a greater capacity to handle any situation. You grow lighter and more spacious. Your overall stress level decreases, which has a positive effect on your physical, emotional, and mental health .Becoming balanced is not about wanting things to be different or exhausting yourself trying to make everything right. It is not a fixed state at which you finally “arrive,” but rather a practice that you come back to, moment by moment. This retreat combines slow yoga, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and mindful walks in nature to help you balance your ability to be strong and open in life’s ever-changing now. You take home a compassionate practice that draws you back to the present, over and over again.

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Early Morning On Your Own

  • Wake, stretch, and stroll down the hall to a 6 am Kripalu Yoga class, catch sunrise at the lake, or enjoy a meditation walk in the labyrinth. 

  • Delight in a deliciously nourishing breakfast.  

Morning Retreat Program WITH JILLIAN (9:00 am).

Enjoy time to unwind and sink in deeply with a well-paced combination of slow-flow vinyasa, restorative poses, meditation and deep relaxation. All levels will have guidance to personalize the practice.


  • Drop into an invigorating all campus YogaDance® class.

  • Nurture your body and your soul with an amazing organic lunch. Enjoy eating picnic style outside or in the cafeteria or cafe with new friends.

  • Go for a swim, relax with a book, hike to incredible vistas or schedule a healing Kripalu massage.

Afternoon Retreat Program WITH JILLIAN

Class will combine a mindful nature walk, gentle yoga, deep relaxation. We will finish the day with closing meditation and optional journal entry for the evening.

Late Afternoon On Your Own


  • Chat with new friends while enjoying a fabulous all-natural meal.

  • Curl up on a couch for some solitude.

  • Attend a concert or workshop or have a healing arts session.

  • Visit Tanglewood or Jakobs Pillow.

  • Detox in the sauna before heading off to bed.


10/18-18 Sheffield, MA.|  Fall Foliage Annual Autumn Retreat
Registration open May 1, 2019

11/3-7: Kripalu | Restorative Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training

I am honored to present in this ground breaking event at Kripalu, in the Narrative Medicine Program: featuring Natalie Goldberg and an amazing line up of presenters that I can't wait to learn from!

This event is for caregivers, doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, aspiring writers, and anyone interested in personal narrative as a healing path to recovery. I will be offering one session with Dr. Lisa Nelson on Compassionate Listening as well as offering a Deep Listening Restorative Yoga Practice.