Summer Retreats

It has been shown that when we feel truly heard; the part of our brain that lights up is the same part that lights up when we feel loved.  There’s an incredible healing power in sharing our stories; in hearing other people’s stories, and telling our own. In a compassionate listening space, we can begin to create a distinction, between our stories and us. We can see more clearly how our stories, as we hold them tightly, may define us; they may empower us, but they also may limit us. When we listen deeply, to others, and ourselves, we open space for our stories to evolve - in our bodies, minds, and lives.
— Jillian Pransky

I am excited to offer several summer opportunities to share a compassionate listening space with you:

Omega Deep Listening May 31 - June 2. With Chantress Kristen Ambrosi and Renown Musician Scott E Moore.
Gain Deep Listening tools to release blocked energy, nurture your capacity for self-compassion, and access your inner wisdom.

Kripalu Narrative Healing June 30 - July 5 (I am presenting one session this week.)
Narrative Healing is a full-body, full-spirit immersion in a growing community of literary lions, innovative medical practitioners, spiritual leaders, and yoga teachers committed to unlocking the power of storytelling on the path toward healing.

Kripalu Weekend Retreat July 19-21. With Special Musical Guests Kristen Ambrosi and Scott E Moore!
Explore the space between stimulus and response, where you can leave behind your habitual solutions and cultivate a living relationship with the present moment. As you learn to relax into this space—the pause—and see life and yourself more clearly, you can flow forward with more clarity, wisdom, presence, and wholeheartedness.

Kripalu Mid-week Retreat July 21-26. With Special Musical Guests!
This retreat combines slow yoga, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and mindful walks in nature to help you balance your ability to be strong and open in life’s ever-changing now. You take home a compassionate practice that draws you back to the present, over and over again.