3 Short Practices to Instantly Lift Energy, Mood, and Circulartion

Yoga always places a high value on purification of body and mind at all levels, but especially in spring as we need to release the ‘sludge and heaviness’ of winter.  

It is a time to stimulate and revitalize the liver and large intestines; to release toxins and brighten up. To do this, we can and incorporate warming flows, twists, side leans, and inversions. Build heat gradually to help generate sweat and detoxify our bodies. 

Slow flows are ideal for movement that can be vigorous, but keep you feeling grounded. Twists stimulate the organs (especially the liver) and balance the hemispheres of the brain to enable greater mental and emotional balance. Inversions (even gentle inversions like legs up the wall) can aid the flow of blood back to the lungs and heart for purification. 

In addition, inversions and most yoga asana assist the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system circulates lymph fluid and transports cellular waste, viruses, and bacteria from the tissues to the lymph nodes. Your yoga practice should not leave you feeling depleted, but rather ‘ready to go’… Stay rooted while you begin to rise up and out, rejuvenated and radiant. 


Do this Shake Practice every morning upon waking, like brushing your teeth. This short, easy practice helps circulate blood and lymph flow while picking up your energy. It should take you one or two minutes and can be very helpful in sloughing off heaviness.

Here is how: Begin gently, loosely shaking one arm like you are shaking excess water off your hands after you wash them. Continue shaking as you raise the arm above your head, then below your torso. Do the other arm. Do both arms at the same time. Slow it down and let your arms dangle as you begin shaking one leg. Let the whole of your legs be loose and relaxed as you gently shake it like you are getting off excess water. Then do the other leg. Then shake the whole body as much as you can into a whole body dance. Slowly come to be still, standing relaxed and breathing deeply. Close your eyes. Feel your body vibrating inside. Imagine yourself vibrant and well.  


3 Minutes to Open Up Your Breathing and Brighten your Mood


10 minute Yoga practice to lift your energy, warm you up, and stimulate circulation

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