A Meditation To Welcome Spring

March 20th is the Spring Equinox and for the next three months, the days will be longer than the nights!  And, with longer days, comes the return of Yang energy. 

It would be an amazing experiment to witness the changes this Yang energy creates every day. For instance, if you were to scoop up some soil from the ground today, and then every day until say May 1, it would be remarkable to observe the it metamorphoses from contracted, dense, dry, and brittle earth into moist, malleable, fragrant dirt; pulsating with insects and juicy vegetation of all kinds. 

This rigorous, powerful energy that transforms dry cracked soil back into moist fertile ground, is the same energy that is around us, and within us. It is the vibrant rushing energy than can wake us from our winter repose and transition us through the productive vibrancy of summer.


Try this sometime during the Equinox weekend. It's particularly powerful when done with the sunrise energy, early in the morning, but you can do it when it is convenient for you.  If you can do it outside or sitting by a window, it is also ideal.

Take a comfortable seat.

Let your weight, tension, and heaviness drain down into the ground. Like a pile of snow warmed by a radiant sun, slowly melt and puddle into your seat, down into the ground.

Heavy in your seat, bring your awareness to your crown. 

Imagine again, above your head a warm radiance and picture this radiant source the color of new spring grass, a warm jade green. 

As you breathe in, imagine this green light entering through your crown, and on your exhale it spreads throughout your body. Let the green fill every space in your body, and begin to glow out around your body. Let your spring light brighten and warm you inside as well as bloom into the space around you. 

Sit and bask in the light.

After a few moments, send this radiance out to any one you know who may need a little lift or through a transition or a challenge. Send all beings, creatures, and the earth the fresh powerful transformational energy of spring. Before closing, deliberately also, send this to yourself.