Weekend Workshop: Transforming Depression Through Connection. Omega Institute

Join some of the world's most innovative researchers and healers to gain information and discover powerful strategies for transforming depression.

Are you feeling isolated, depressed, lost, hurt, or overcome with despair? You are not alone. Current research shows that one in three Americans suffer from an episode of depression during their lifespan. However, there is hope.

Led by some of the world’s most innovative researchers and healers on the topic, this workshop helps empower you to:

  • Train your brain through meditation and aerobic exercises that research shows can decrease symptoms of depression

  • Experience deep listening and breathing techniques to reconnect with your authentic self and acknowledge and release unpleasant emotions

  • Practice anti-rumination strategies to end the spiral of negative thinking

  • Learn about therapeutic lifestyle changes to increase sunlight exposure that positively transforms signaling in the brain

  • Discover the power of Omega-3 fatty acids to decrease depressive symptoms and improve mood

Throughout the weekend, you engage personal community-building strategies to create purpose and belonging, and overcome isolation. You begin to embrace the healing power of gratitude and creative expression.

This workshop does not replace necessary therapy or medical treatment, but it does offer powerful lifestyle change opportunities.