Freshen Up Home

I first learned about adding oils to my laundry from Elena Brower and it quickly became one of my most favorite home-care techniques. 


Washing Laundry With Essential Oils

I shake 10-20 drops of lavender directly into my washing machine (where you would put in detergent). I shared this with Dana Campbell and she agreed that adding essential oils to the wash a great non-toxic way to bring a deeper clean into the home. She also explained, "not only do they leave my clothes smelling clean and fresh, but adding oils to the washer can increase the antibacterial benefits too. I like to add about 10 drops to a wet washcloth for the dryer cycle."

In addition to lavender, Dana recommends trying lemon in your next load.

Do you use any essential oils in your laundry? Let me know your favorite ways to use essential oils in the comments. I'd love to learn more!