Making an Altar

Even if you never did before, creating an altar is something that any one can do, anywhere.

An altar can lift the beauty and energy of a whole room and your whole day. It can help support your intention to pause and be present; to pay attention on purpose to feelings of love and gratitude. And it's legal to use them for decor purposes as well as for actual prayer and meditation.

On my retreats I always invite students to make a personal altar at the head of their mat to help them feel at home and more connected to the heart of their practice. I also hope for that their altar serves to remind them that when they pause to care for themselves can truly be a moment of reverence and sacredness.

To help them begin the creative process and vision for an altar I suggest they gather small objects that connect them to feelings of love, gratitude, and belonging; a photo of loved one, a pet, or a teacher; a photo of a favorite place; jewelry; a piece of nature like a flower, rock, or leaf; a crystal or candle; a letter from a loved one; a poem or piece of art; a mantra written on paper.

At home, I have little altars throughout my house. On my bookshelves, around my plants, in my meditation and yoga practice room, in my vestibule, and sometimes in the center of my kitchen table. And at thanksgiving, I invite my whole family to bring items for a family altar.

Enjoy these resources for more inspiration - they are especially good if you are new to an altar or don't feel like it is for you.

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