Move In To Move On: Syncing With The Season Of Change

Every moment is born from the death of another...
You suffer because you hold on to each moment, and do not experience the death of the moment...
The universe isn’t static...
You have to keep dying to the past...
When you do that,
you will experience the joy in the impermanence too!!
— translated by Sandhya Jane


  1. Take a walk every day to observe the leaves as they change.

  2. Write a list of the events that were meaningful to you during the past year.

  3. Do a breathing meditation: with each inhale think of something you would like to take into your life in the coming year; with each exhale, let go of something in your life that no longer is of service and which keeps you from being at peace;

  4. Pick one clean-up and clear out project you have been postponing and finish it... you will feel so much better.

  5. Read "Lessons On Impermanence" | Yoga Dork

  6. Enjoy This Autumn Yoga practice with me online: A Supple Psoas Practice to leave you feeling grounded and calm.