Relaxmore, Cleanse & Recalibrate for this Season of Change

Fall is a natural time of transition and an ideal moment for a thoughtful 'restart'. 

As we restart our scheduled in autumn, it is a natural and important time of transition to also 'restart' our attention to ourselves.

How we treat ourselves, eat, take care of ourselves now will have a great impact in priming our body and mind for a winter of wellness.

Some new habits and practices, along with a gentle cleanse, can be just the thing to reset your whole system. It is important to remember, that while we are priming our body and mind to do more for us, we have to actually do LESS. 'Rest and Digest' are the keywords in our bodies ability to reach a more vibrant state of health. If we want to achieve a vibrant state of freshness and clarity, we need to incorporate rest.

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When practiced frequently, this deep relaxation will help you unwind deep layers of stress and tension. It will help you rest and digest, leading to increased energy, mental clarity, inner balance, restful sleep and more. 

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Restorative Poses (Relaxation Practices) will also help bring you into a state of receptivity that’s perfect for the season, says New Jersey yoga teacher and restorative teacher trainer Jillian Pransky. ‘I look at autumn as a transition into a new year,’ she says. ‘I look at nature: The harvest is over, and it’s time to clear out. It’s an opportunity to till the soil and plant the seeds for next year’s harvest. Once we do this for ourselves, we can recommit to what is working for us and set ourselves up to get more of what nourishes us in our lives.’


Ayurveda approach to diet, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle to support you this whole season. Hillari Dowdle offers this great article for planning an Autumn Cleanse, with a sequence by Scott Blossom, in Yoga Journal.



After a few months off for summer, every September I recommit to my daily morning oil rub. This Ayurvedic treatment is known to have many benefits including relieving dry skin, stimulating circulation, helping with body mobility, and calming the Vata emotions of anxiety, depression, fear, and nervousness. It is often recommended to oil half an hour before a bath or shower.

Sometimes, when I need a little extra balance, I love to do it before bed and sleep in my oil! Sesame and almond oils, both of which will balance the wind and dryness of this season, are usually best.

Banyan Botanicals does a super how-to and lists wonderful oils and herbs.