Retreat to Recalibrate: Making Room For New Energy to Expand

Retreat literally means to withdraw or step back. We can retreat any time, really.  Whether for a few hours, a day, or a week, taking time to slow down helps you break the cycle of habitual living and creates an environment for to regain perspective on your life - to revive your energy, and reconnect to that which is most important to you. Quite simply, we see, hear and feel more clearly after a retreat. 

Retreat at work: enjoy a slow walk around the block.  Notice your breath, the air moving in and out of your lungs as you enjoy the movement of your body. As you walk mindfully also grow more aware of the sights, sounds and smells around you. 

Take a whole day at home: Turn off your cell phone, computer and television. Spend time doing yoga, soak in a warm bath, journal, play music, create art, meditate, write a letter or cook. Eat a warm nourishing meal by candlelight. Dedicate the day to a meditation or yoga course online. For great downloadable and streaming programs visit SoundsTrue And for online yoga visit

If your budget allows, get a way for a night and stay in an inspiring natural environment like the beach, country, or mountains (but I’ve even retreated to the hotel in the neighboring town before!) And if you have the time to enjoy a longer get a way retreat – come join me as I’d love to share the joy with you!

Next Up With Jillian - Retreat To Costa Rica! March 7-14 in Paradise. rated Jillian's Costa Rica Retreat as one of the "Top Ten Retreats for 2015: 10 out-of-this-world yoga retreats to book right now."

Join Me.  Practicing Yoga for 7-days in a row, away from daily responsibilities and routines always creates incredible shifts.  Add in this amazing natural environment, organic gourmet meals, beach bonfires, a shaman purification ceremony, adventuring into the local community, and you have the conditions for the ultimate revitalizing experience. 

This retreat is designed to renew you completely.  Our yoga program is sequenced to progressively move you deeper and deeper through the body and mind, gracefully and thoroughly rejuvenate every system. Classes are perfect for both advanced practitioners who enjoy a mindful invigorating flow as well as for newer students who are just discovering their abilities.


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