Retreat to Return to Life More Vibrantly & Join Me in Costa Rica

In my periods of retreat, perhaps I can learn something to carry back to my worldly life.
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Enjoy an incredible re-entry after completing rejuvenating yourself on my Deep Retreat: The Elements and The Equinox in Costa Rica's Blue Zone.

I am excited to be returning to Costa Rica's Blue Zone this year with Pravassa Wellness Travel. Last year was truly one of my most remarkable retreats and as a testament, we have only a few spots left open now.

What makes this week so special?

Envision yourself practicing yoga, meditation, and relaxation everyday, away from daily responsibilities and routines. You'll be steps away from the beautiful beaches, amidst fresh jungle air, and you'll be fed delicious organic meals. Spaces are limited to ensure the group size allows for more personal instruction and deeper connections. Plus our retreat unfolds during the Spring Equinox - and our sessions harness this energy as we move progressively through deeper and deeper states of awareness and renewal -- perfect for cultivating the power to create incredible shifts! What else makes this trip AMAZING... Pravassa Wellness Travel! Pravassa handles all the details to ensure that your travel, arrival, stay, and departure is as effortlessly as possible. This frees you up to truly relax into your yoga and most fully enjoy your time away.  

…One answer is in simplification of life, in cutting out some of the distractions. But how? Total retirement is not possible. I cannot shed my responsibilities. I cannot permanently inhabit a desert island. I cannot be a nun in the midst of family life. I would not want to be… I must find a balance somewhere, or an alternating rhythm between these two extremes; a swinging of the pendulum between solitude and communion, between retreat and return. In my periods of retreat, perhaps I can learn something to carry back to my worldly life.
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh, in Gift from the Sea


To study with Jillian is an invitation to study yourself spiritually & physically. Contrary to so many yoga classes in New York City where the process is akin to a workout on ESPN and removed from the study of yoga, Jillian urges you to explore your body, and, as a result, your mind and spiritual self. Perhaps what I admire most about working with Jillian is that she herself is in a constant state of evolution. As a result, there is never a predictability to her classes and to her teachings, nor a challenge to simply strike a pose with the purpose of attaining the most extreme possibility.
— Lisa
What a great retreat. Jillian’s classes are amazing. She has something very special, a unique ability to communicate extremely subtle, complex concepts in a way that different types of people all seem to understand on a level that is not just the normal conscious level. Jillian’s teaching, for 7 deep days in a row, hosted in this beautiful location, dining on delicious healthy foods... In short, a trip with Jillian is the most transformational, renewing week you can have.
— Rob