Tips For Staying Balanced & Healthy While Traveling

Vacation season is here and I am traveling a lot. And while I love being on the road, traveling can also be a challenging in ways.

For instance, in July I flew into Nantucket Island for the Nantucket Yoga Festival. As we were literally descending to land, our plane unexpectedly lifted back up again due fog conditions. We were diverted to Hartford CT airport, and then right back to Newark NJ. I decided to get off the plane in Hartford, instead of going back home, because I had to teach at the festival and really wanted to make it! My planned 2-hour trip turned into a 13-hour travel odyssey that included two automobiles, a plane, a bus, a ferry, and a ride in the Nantucket Sheriff's car! Travel can be unpredictable, and also challenge you with new situations and stimuli. 

Once I was on the island, beautiful and filled with the most amazing people, I was still not at all prepared for the unexpected. I packed for summer and it was 64 and rainy. I planned to call home and connect daily, but my phone did not get reception anywhere. And so on. But... all in all, as I decided to continually go with the flow, the trip unfolded beautifully! We can never really predict how anything goes, and travel can bring up a lot of transition and change. It's important to pay attention to ourselves while we 'move around' in order to stay grounded and healthy. Here are a few great resources to take special care of yourself - even when you are setting out to a vacation - that is already about taking care of yourself!

Here Are My Go To Tips To Stay Grounded Traveling

1. Pack light. Don't overwhelm yourself with extras you have to take care of or carry around. Let your feet be on the ground, not your bags.
2. Pay attention to slowing down. You will feel more grounded, if you give yourself extra time and don't have rush to your destinations.
3. Eat well. Try not to over do stimulants. Support your digestive and nervous system with keeping your meals close to what you know make you feel good... the next day.
4. Don't over fill your schedule. To stay more grounded and energized don't over schedule yourself by saying yes to every new experience that comes your way. Linger longer in just a few activities. Meander.


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