Winter Solstice Ritual


Today, December 21, nature moves us through yet another one of her cycles! On this day, in the Northern Hemisphere, we will enter the darkest moment of the year. This day marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night.

In Latin, the meaning of Winter Solstice is ‘sun set still in winter.’ Historically, many cultures honor the solstice as a time to acknowledge the passage of life and death, death and rebirth; our greatest contraction and expansion. For after the long dark evening of the solstice, the sun experiences a rebirth; it waxes in power and daylight hours begin to grow longer again.

It is a perfect day to pause and harmonize our bodies, minds and spirits to flow more naturally with this turning point, and even be nourished by it.

Try taking an hour or two to make your own meaningful ritual today or try these resources for more ideas.

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