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In Deep Listening, Jillian Pransky presents her signature Calm Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart program—a 10-step journey of self-exploration that she’s taught around the world. It centers on the science of Deep Listening, which allows us to pause and truly hear—often for the first time—what both our bodies and our minds are telling us. It kickstarts our relaxation response, calming muscular tension and setting the whole body up for deep healing, growth, and repair. It’s a new frontier in integrative wellness—the new mindfulness.

With her self-guided home retreat, Jillian won’t ask you to “be your best self,” or “do more!” She’ll ask you to “be here” and “do less.” She’ll ask you to pause and tune into yourself and will guide you, step-by-step, into a state of relaxation and openness. Her technique, which integrates tools like breath work, guided meditation, movement, and journaling, in addition to specialized yoga sequences, will help you see yourself as you really are. Once you immerse yourself in the practice of Deep Listening, the inner workings of your mind and body will become crystal clear.


Here's what people are saying about Jillian's new book, Deep Listening:


“Accessible, profound, and clear, the wisdom of Deep Listening grants us a chance to greet our habitual stress with new eyes of kindness and compassion. Through concise, consistent, and cumulative practices, Jillian provides us with the context to live more openheartedly and transform our ways of seeing and being.”
—Elena Brower, author of Art of Attention and Practice You

Deep Listening blends essential aspects of the vast wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism that will benefit yoga enthusiasts and meditators alike. Step by step, Jillian offers a powerful and wonderfully crafted program that brings us deeply into our own sense of wholeness and helps us inhabit an integrated and heart-centered practice.
Ethan Nichtern, author of Dharma of the Princess Bride and The Road Home

“With Deep Listening, Jillian Pransky invites us to join her in letting go of tightly held beliefs, identities, and muscles so that we might discover how it feels to be comfortable in our own skin, grounded, and content with ourselves.”
—Kaitlin Quistgaard, editor at large for Mindful and former editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal





In Jillian's, Deep Listening she shares techniques and tools that focus on experiencing our connected-ness. This feeling of connection not only changes the way we respond to stress, it actually leaves us feeling less stressed, increases the amount of joy in our life, and sets the conditions for us to evolve.

That might sound like a big promise, but it’s not. We’re designed to feel deep connections and Jillian will show you how in Deep Listening this October. In fact, if you pre-order Deep Listening now, you will receive 2-Audio Meditations and a Video Practice to help you begin your Deep Listening program today! If you pre-order three or more copies of Deep Listening will also receive a PDF of Deep Listening's Introduction and Chapter 1. Plus, once you receive the book, you will also have access to several complimentary recorded guided meditations to help support your practice through your journey.


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With your pre-order of Deep Listening not only will you receive the book as soon as it is released, you will also receive a three gifts that help you gear up for the book:

  • 10-minute Guided Audio Meditation
  • 8-minute Guided Audio Visualization practice
  • 8-minute Video Practice for Deep Relaxation

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If you are ordering a few copies of Deep Listening for friends, family or extra copies for yourself not only will you receive the book as soon as it is released, you will receive the following four gifts:

  • 10-minute Guided Audio Meditation
  • 8-minute Guided Audio Visualization practice
  • 8-minute Video Practice for Deep Relaxation
  • Introduction and Chapter 1 of Deep Listening (PDF)

The Introduction has everything you need to prepare for your journey into the practice of Deep Listening. Chapter 1 brings you into our first step. We learn why and how to practice pausing and welcoming ourselves.

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