Yoga Journal | 7 Yoga Poses That Are Harder Than They Look


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By: Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

After years of practice, does Triangle still stress you out? Or, can you hold Handstand but wobble in Warrior I? Here, 7 top teachers share the relatively easy poses that they’re still trying to master—plus tips to make them a little less frustrating.

Good Morning America | It's National Relaxation Day: 4 ways to relax at your office




By: GMA Wellness

"Good Morning America" turned to two experts for tips on how to relax while you're at work.The good news is that relaxation doesn't mean you have to lay down on a couch or take a nap, two things that would turn heads in the office.

Spirituality & Health | Listen with Your Heart




By: Kalia Kelmenson

It’s so easy to get pulled into our head, to analyze and criticize, to figure it out and make it happen. Spending all of our time in our heads, however, can leave us disconnected with our heart. Spend some time this season reacquainting yourself with the whispers of your heart.

NJ Yoga Collective | 3 Essential Yoga Books to Inspire You and Your Yoga Practice


Book Review:

By: May Louie

As winter has firmly descended upon us, I find this is the perfect time to hunker down in cozy, comfortable clothes (preferably yoga pants), with a warm beverage, and dive into books that I’ve intended to read, only half-read, or have loved enough to re-read. 

Prevention | 4 Gentle Yoga Poses That Will Help Balance Your Hormones



By Maggie Finn Ryan

We all know that chronic stress can do a number on our bodies because it causes our hormones—specifically, adrenaline and cortisol—to go haywire. Among other not-so-fun symptoms, too much cortisol can cause weight gain and suppress the immune system. But never fear: Yoga might help keep these hormones in check.