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Hands On Healing to Assist Deeper States of Relaxation
11:30 AM11:30

Hands On Healing to Assist Deeper States of Relaxation

For yoga teachers, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and other healers.

March 10 | 11:30am-5:30pm | $125

Yoga Touch for Healing is an experiential training designed to help you cultivate the full potential of your hands-on offerings, helping your students access deeper states of healing and insight. With an emphasis on Restorative Yoga postures, we explore how to sense your students’ needs and how to use touch to move energy. Each trainee discovers their personal style and abilities and develops confidence in their approach to hands-on teaching and healing.

Topics Covered will include: 

  • Simple techniques for using touch therapeutically during restorative yoga poses.

  • Working with special body positioning to help release tension, move energy and support deeper healing

  • Dealing with injury and illness as well as energetic and emotional release

  • Creating boundaries

You Will Receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion. This can be used for Yoga Alliance CEU hours.

  • An extensive training manual compiled by Jillian

  • A list of recommended reading and resources

  • An extensive follow up guide online resources for continued study and practice.

  • An invitation to join an ongoing discussion and resource group for Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics teachers.

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Guiding and Cueing Students into Deeper States of Relaxation
10:00 AM10:00

Guiding and Cueing Students into Deeper States of Relaxation

How to lead your students into deeper states of rest and healing

March 6 |10am-4pm | $125

This workshop is for yoga teachers, healers, and care givers of all kinds to further develop your skills and tool bag in offering transformational savasanas, restorative classes, relaxation sessions, and meditations.
You will learn how to artfully choose words, create imagery, sequence instructions, and craft a pace and tone that will help your students initiate their own healing and rejuvenation.
We will cover general principles of the koshas, nervous system, right and left brain learning and perception, the latest neurological research supporting relaxation and language, and teacher student connection.
We will discuss techniques such as progressive relaxation, meditation, imagery, yoga nidra, and breathing practices to help our students initiate their parasympathetic response of 'rest and digest."  
You will leave skillful and confident in guiding 'in the moment experiences', instead of relying on scripts. Your students will benefit from this personal and purposeful approach to conscious relaxation.
Be ready to enjoy a relax session yourself, lecture, hands on experience and teaching exercises.  

Come to heal yourself and others!

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